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November 24, 2010

Majid Those Were The Days! Young Times!

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Majid Younger Days!


August 18, 2010

I Want To Be Remembered – My Epitaph & Legacy!

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I Want To Be Remembered – My Epitaph & Legacy!

Here lies a person who in all his life had acted and stood up for the rights of others – and to whatever extent and even harm, injury and damage to himself personally – and he went down that way!

Where he could change things himself he did – otherwise he spoke out for Change. Always wanted to be fair, just, professional, principled, correct and ethical in all things he did.

He wants to be remembered that way only!.

My Websites (this one).

My Emails

June 17, 2010

Special Delivery of My Books!

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Fast Track Special Delivery of The Books from USA and Canada – The Books Publishers.

 For More Information and Details – please visit  – Please Forward To All Your Contacts…

Dear All ;

After Compliments;

I am pleased to inform you of the receipt of the following few copies direct from USA and Canada; as follows:-

  •  Special Hard Cover – Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – OMR 17/=
  •  Special Hard Cover – The Sequel – Between Us Only! – OMR 14/=
  • Soft Cover (Normal)   – A Cry For Help! – OMR 19/= (Hard Cover OMR 22/=). 

If you need signed copies, prepared to do that with Free Deliveries (Muscat Only)..

 It feels great that USA has come in to Help an Omani Author and Publisher of Management Books – whilst our own have turned the other way or pretend to have noticed the call and cry … Really Shame on Us!

 Please support Human Resources Development, Talents, Innovation, Self-Employment etc in our Nation by real action and deeds in buying these books from me directly – or through Family Bookshops, Borders and WHSmith (Turtles) in Oman.

 I am indebted and grateful to The Publishers.

 Best Wishes and Regards,

 Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

 Mobile / GSM +968 95207511 / 95116953

June 11, 2010

Visit My New Sites – NEW!

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Visit My New Sites

And Tell Me What You Think?

Also this New One After The Gaza Incident

Also Family, Social and Domestic Problems at

Nice Surfing – Enjoy!

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Oman.

May 19, 2010

A Cry For Help Makes It To Top 50 Management Books in UK!

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A Cry For Help Makes It To Top 50 Management Books in UK (No.6) !

 Visit This Site To See Top Management Books Category Under

 AND A CRY FOR HELP! Is there!!! – TOP LIST…

See Which Omani Writers are Registered in Wikipedia Com

May 18, 2010

All My Sites and Blogs

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A – MAIN ONES – Majid Al Suleimany

S/N Website / Blog Notes


A.01 Main Professional and Business Portal



Spare Business – Management Services – Training and Consultancy (MAS-TRAC)

My Main Website / Portal


My Main Majid Books



B – SUB MAIN ONES – Majid Al Suleimany Support (Links) Sites.

S/N Website / Blog Notes


More About Me – Control Main  One – All About Me. 


More About Me – Control Main  Two  – All About Me. 



More About Me – Control Main  Three  – All About Me.


C – My Columns (Newspapers)

S/N Website / Blog Notes
C.01 The Oman Daily Observer – Between Us Only!
C.02 Muscat Daily Column

(Column is now closed)

D – My Late Parents – PBUT

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D.01 More on My Late Mother PBUH


Al Suleimany Remember Us.


Al Suleimany Family Photos including – Late Parents (Peace Be Upon Them Etc) – and The Old Gone Days!



E – My Deen Ones (Religion)

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 E.02 Religion Deen Two




F – Office Related Subjects

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All Offices work places related issues and problems


See also C.02 above



G – Opinion and Other Subjects

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G.01 All The Sensitive Types – Topics that make you stop and think!




All Majid Touch A and feel Articles –
G.03 Majid Other Touch and Feelings Site


G.04 My Management Ideas and Concepts




All  The Family Videos (not expanded – space problems)


** H – Spare Books Sites

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H.01 Majid Books Main – Spare 1
H.02 Majid Books – Spare 2


Majid Books – Spare 3
H.04 Majid Books – Spare 4
H.05 Majid Books  – Spare 5


** Future For Each Book….

May 17, 2010

My Message To You – Your Best Fan.

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My Message To You – Your Best Fan.

I received this from one Great Lady – A very good fan and friend.

VIDEO SONG – DON’T GIVE UP NOW – Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush.

 I read your postings, and I cried again. This should not happen to such a Nice Person like you (not the other guy! – keep away from that lot…) … all I can do is send you these encouraging songs to you – PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP NOW!

I am very sure and confident that you will still win – and come on Top of The World!

I will remember you in my prayers … Amin…

A Very Good Friend Always…

The Best Compliment… From A Young Omani Fan.

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The Best Compliment… From A Young Omani Fan.

Date: Sun, 16 May 2010 07:24:58 +0000

 Bundle of thanks – Dear Majid,
I have really no words how to thank you. But you have become so special for your kind of action.
i wish you the best in every sphere of life..


My Reply and Forward To The Observer Team.


Dear Majid,
It is interesting to read you in Observer. I am one of your readers. I am trying to be one of Oman writers like you to serve our beloved country.
I liked very much when i heard you in FM Radio few weeks ago, telling us your activities and how you became a great writer.
I am also trying to see myself in the newspaper and my focus is on the management issues. But i don’t know how to get there.
I would like you to go through one of my articles and help me out how it can get published in observer. It would really be a great support.
Many thanks and best of luck
Name & GSM (Mobile)

May 16, 2010

Why You Are Broke?

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As has appeared in The Oman Daily Observer of Sunday May 16th  2010,

This article is also posted in – and all my future articles will be posted here <PLEASE CHANGE IN COLUMN>

Between Us Only!

Why You Are Broke?

“If you think nobody cares if you are alive, try missing a couple of car payments.” ~Flip Wilson

I was also reading this article – The real reason you are broke – Liz Pulliam Weston – MSN Money Article – For a huge number of troubled debtors, it all began with a car. Too much car, financed too long, traded too soon. If you are constantly broke and cannot figure out why, the answer may be sitting in your driveway. You can find the full article posted in my new

A long time ago, my Omani Director then, had told me – You have a very expensive hobby – you like buying new cars every two to three years – it will kill you one day! He was the same person who had advised me that it was too late and at the wrong time to go into business – but who am I to listen to anybody with a troubled rebellious streak in me – and always in a ‘win-to-win’ focus and drive?

When I was working as a Human Resources Manager in one of my last companies, I had one recently graduated Omani (still in job probation!) asking for a letter to the bank for a personal loan for marriage dowry, celebrations – and the punch line – to buy a new car! Being interested in cars myself, I asked him which car he was planning to buy – this before I told him I could not give him the letter he wanted because he was still not job confirmed yet.

 The answer shook me to my very grounds and broke me up into smithereens – because after the car purchase and his marriage intentions, he was left with only OMR 180  a month – and that was okay for him ‘because I am going to stay in my parents’ house’. It was not okay for the bride – because the marriage ended soon after a few months (not years).

Which brings me to the point I want to make today? After my Consultancy collapse, I went around not only to my own bank but others too. When they came to know where I worked and how much money I was earning monthly there, they became very much interested to ‘revive’ my company – only to realise that the money was already paying a big loan taken for the company and previous personal (the car thing!). Everybody seemed to be interested in the salary than the new Business Plan to rejuvenate and revive the company – which brings in the point that do not believe everything you read from then and to nowadays!

There are a lot of our younger generation in big loans and debts.  I read this article by one esteemed Susan Mubarak – Diving into Debt – quote – It is no secret that a large percentage of young Omanis now, both male and female, in their twenties and early thirties are living beyond their means and are refusing to accept a standard of living that suits their income level ….

The article is also posted in – and all my future articles will be posted here.

I have myself written before so much about this issue in my column and in The Between Us Only Series Books (Three) – Please visit

 It will be just mundane boring repetitive redundant and lack of aspiration and interests stuff to repeat it all over again – in just a few words.

 Having said all that and in realisation and acceptance, this still has to be said here. Though for me I am not like Anuradha Roy who sold 6 million copies of her book The God of Small Things one month after it was launched, but I think as an Omani (GCC / Arab Author) who writes in English – with 5 books and 2 in Arab Management – I think I do deserve some more help and support – because there are few books written in GCC /ME in such topics – and by the Locals themselves – be it in English – as it is.

A very good friend of mine (Indian) had cautioned me why (The Real Reasons – he said) they will not support your books – including the banks too ‘as they are doing what is told to them to do’. His full message is also posted in my website above.

But that may not be important for now – because I believe that what goes around – comes around – and that has been proved at the highest examples quite recently. I am reminded also by these words (reread also my last week article – Practise What You Preach – We could change the world tomorrow if all the millions of people around the world acted the way they believe – Jane Goodall – and  Life is an echo – what you send out comes back. – Chinese Proverb There is also this oneNot everything in Life that counts – can be counted – Anon.

Take Care!

By Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany

This article is also posted in – and all my future articles will be posted here <PLEASE CHANGE IN COLUMN>



May 13, 2010

The Real Reasons Why They Do Not Support Your Books!

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The Real Reasons Why They Do Not Support Your Books!

I received this Email from a very good friend (Indian)…

Dear Majid – Thank you for your websites at and – also at and
It provided me a lot of interesting reading after getting tired of reading the usual blogs of people attacking each other subjectively and personally to make their case or points across – or to defend themselves.

I have come to the sad realization that the main reason why they do not support your books because you SPEAK THE TRUTH … and the facts as they are really are on the ground.

Like in your book themes, it is true there is a lot that needs to improve on The Arab Management Side (and fast too!) and the FEW misbehaving crude Expatriates amongst us here have to change and transform FAST TOO – before they cause irreparable harm and damage to a very beautiful tolerant peaceful and compassionate country like Oman – the few left in the world – and the beacon to others – and an example to follow and emulate!

The few bad apples should not spoil the whole basket of us especially Residents and Expatriates here in Oman – and we see Oman as our Second Home – even if we strive to go to Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc.

I have read your books and articles – to me always you will be that Big Man and With A Big Heart! );

We will pray for you for the Booker Award!!

Your Friend Always,

RP – May 13th 2010.

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